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We are land development experts servicing the Dulwich Hill area.  We can advise on issues that may arise from regulations, environmental concerns, neighbours, and other variables that affect costs and profits, helping you mitigate your risks and maximise your gains.

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We provide a collaborative approach to our services

Project Management

Pinnacle Land Surveyors recognise that each project is different. Also, each client is different and has different abilities and experience. Some clients are very experienced in the construction stage and only require help with the consent process while others would like help throughout the project. Whatever your needs, Pinnacle Land Surveyors can tailor their management services to help you as required.

Subdivision Surveys

Pinnacle Land Surveyors can assist with the planning of a new subdivision. Each Council area will have different requirements for subdivision. We are industry experts with contacts in local Councils and a relationship with Private Certifiers across the greater Sydney area. We are able to provide specialist advice to guide you through the often complex process and ensure your proposed subdivision is compliant with relevant provisions.

Works as Executed Surveys

Works as Executed Surveys are used to ensure the completed or as-built works comply with the approved design plans. They compare the position and levels of roads, footpaths, staircases, detention tanks, sewer, stormwater and other infrastructure. Works as Executed Surveys are required by Council before they will issue an Occupation Certificate to the property owners. These surveys can only be prepared by a Registered Surveyor at the completion of the works on site.

Section 88B Instruments

An 88B Instrument is a legal document that accompanies any new plan for registration at NSW Land Registry Services. Pinnacle Land Surveyors have significant experience with drafting Section 88B Instruments to ensure the registration process is expedited and stress-free for our clients. The 88B Instrument sets out any easements, restrictive covenants, positive covenants and rights of way affecting the land, building and/or units within the building and the property to be constructed.

Engineering Design

Pinnacle Land Surveyors are able to provide design assistance on civil engineering projects, environmental engineering projects and structural designs based on current Australian Standards. We have a value engineering approach through to the site: recognising the builder’s construction preferences, supporting the architectural vision and ensuring that structural integrity is maintained.

Town Planning

Pinnacle Land Surveyors have extensive experience in town planning matters and ongoing relationships with trusted specialty consultants. We can assist with Development Applications and Modifications, Statements of Environmental Effects, Lodgment and Management of Applications with Council.

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We provide a collaborative approach to our services

We have extensive experience in all types of work from small, residential surveys to complex, large-scale commercial projects and we specialise in small to medium residential subdivision projects (2 – 650 lots)

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