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A construction survey is a type of survey that is performed during the construction phase of a building or infrastructure project. It involves the precise measurement and mapping of the site to ensure that the construction work is being carried out according to the approved plans and specifications.

A construction survey typically includes the following tasks:

  1. Setting out the project site: The surveyor will establish a reference system on the site, including benchmarks and control points, to ensure that all construction work is aligned with the approved plans.
  2. Staking out the site: The surveyor will mark the location of foundations, utilities, and other features on the ground using wooden stakes or other markers.
  3. Monitoring construction progress: The surveyor will regularly visit the site to check that the work is being carried out according to the approved plans and to identify any deviations or issues that need to be addressed.
  4. Providing as-built surveys: At the end of the construction process, the surveyor will produce an as-built survey, which is a detailed map of the completed project that reflects any changes or deviations from the original plans.

Construction surveys are an important part of any construction project, as they help to ensure that the work is being carried out accurately and according to the approved plans. They also provide a record of the completed project for future reference.

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Building Set-out

A building set-out is undertaken to transfer the building design onto the land by providing markers at key points to enable the builder to construct the building as detailed in the architectural plans.

Slab Check

When the formwork for the building has been created a slab check is carried out prior to the concrete pour. Measurements are confirmed to ensure the slab is consistent with the plans.

As-Built Surveys

An as-built survey records the location of the improvements on the land “as built” in comparison to the original design. This may include improvements such as sewer pipes, buildings, utilities, pavement, etc.

Column and Pile Set-out

As with a building set-out, the column and pile set-out are a transfer of the building design onto the land. Markers are set out to enable the accurate placement of columns and piles for the building during construction.


Work-as-executed surveys are carried out to ensure that the completed works conform to the approved design plans. Councils require that a work-as-executed survey, prepared by a Registered Surveyor, is provided prior to issuing an occupation certificate to the owners of the property.

Final Survey

A final survey is carried out when the building work is completed. A final survey shows the location of a new structure on the property. It includes information such as roof height, floor level, the position in relation to boundaries and any encroachments onto neighbouring properties.

Construction Surveying

We provide a range of construction surveys on a daily basis, all our surveys are supervised and signed by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor.

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We provide a collaborative approach to our services

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