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We provide a collaborative approach to our services


Pinnacle Surveyors can provide skilled civil engineering design and management in the delivery of a diverse range of projects including earthworks, sewerage, drainage and roadworks.

We offer construction drawings, bulk earthworks and quantities, storm water and flooding design, TUFLOW, EC-RAS and drains modelling, due diligence and feasibility studies, wetlands engineering, road and drainage design, railway design, sewer and water reticulation design and traffic impact assessments.


Pinnacle Surveyors is committed to safety, quality and sustainability in all environmental engineering projects. Our engineering team offers practical and cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges.

Sustainable management of water and experienced risk assessment are key strategies to deliver feasible projects with acceptable social and environmental outcomes.

We offer water sensitive urban design (WSUD), MUSIC modelling, environmental risk management, waste retention structures, environmental management systems, soil and water management plans (SWMP) and sediment erosion control plans (SECP).


All engineering designs are based on current Australian Standards and all structures are to the relevant standard; for example steel structures to AS4100, concrete structures to AS3600, timber structures to AS1720.

We provide a full and detailed design service including piering, footings, framework, bracing, beams and supervision and approval of construction works for certification. We carry this value engineering approach through to site: recognising the builder’s construction preferences, supporting the architectural vision and ensuring the structural integrity is maintained.

We offer new constructions, structural alterations or additions, retrofits and upgrades, restorations, temporary structural work and assessments of structural damage.


Our engineering capabilities enable us to deliver projects from planning and concept design through to successful completion including all aspects of project management

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We provide a collaborative approach to our services

We have extensive experience in all types of work from small, residential surveys to complex, large-scale commercial projects and we specialise in small to medium residential subdivision projects (2- 650 lots)

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