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Pinnacle Surveyors recently completed a large scale works as executed survey of the stormwater infrastructure network at the TRN House campus, comprising several sites around the campus.

Our team of surveyors used the latest technology and techniques to gather data and create detailed maps of the stormwater infrastructure, including pipes, basins, manholes, and other structures. We also collected information about the materials, dimensions, and elevations of the structures, as well as their location and condition.

The data collected during the survey was used to create a comprehensive and accurate representation of the stormwater infrastructure, allowing for better understanding and analysis of the network. It was also used to identify any issues or deficiencies, and to develop recommendations for improvements and repairs.

Overall, the surveying we completed for the stormwater infrastructure network at the TRN House campus was a complex and challenging project, but our team was able to deliver accurate and reliable results. We are proud of the work we did and are confident that it will help to improve the performance and efficiency of the stormwater infrastructure at the campus.

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