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At Pinnacle Surveyors we recently completed work on a community title project, involving the setout of civil works over several lots. The project required precise surveying and mapping to ensure that the lots were accurately divided and the civil works were properly located and aligned.

Our team of surveyors used the latest technology and techniques to gather data and create detailed maps of the site, including the contours, elevation, and dimensions of the land and structures. We also collected information about the location and orientation of the civil works, including pipes, manholes, and other structures.

The data collected during the survey was used to create a comprehensive and accurate representation of the site, allowing for better understanding and analysis of the land and structures. It was also used to provide construction setout data, including the location and orientation of the civil works, as well as the elevations and grades of the land.

The community title plans we prepared for the land in South Maroota were used to divide the land into individual lots, establishing the boundaries and ownership of each lot.

Overall, the work we completed on the community title project was a complex and challenging project, but our team was able to deliver accurate and reliable results. We are proud of the work we did and are confident that it will help to improve the performance and efficiency of the site.


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