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Hydromet - Battery Recycling Plant Projects Pinnacle Surveyors

Pinnacle assisted in the title reconfiguration for long standing easements with Bluescope Steel and the surveying of a redevelopment for the battery recycling plant.

The creation of easements involves gathering data and creating detailed maps of the land, including the location and dimensions of the easement. It also involves establishing the boundaries and ownership of the easement, and creating the necessary legal documents to ensure that the easement is properly recorded and recognised. We work closely with legal professionals and our clients to ensure their needs are met and the complexities are handled with care.

The process of creating easements typically involves the following steps:

1.    Planning: This involves working with architects, engineers, lawyers and other professionals to develop a plan for the easement. The plan should take into account the purpose of the easement, the size and location of the land, and any other relevant factors.

2.    Surveying: A surveyor is responsible for gathering data and creating detailed maps of the site, including the contours, elevation, and dimensions of the land and structures. Once the initial work is complete, the land can be divided into individual units or lots, with the easement established as part of the process. This involves establishing the boundaries and ownership of the easement and creating the necessary legal documents.

3.    Registration: The land title document is then registered with the LRS or land titles office. This typically involves submitting the necessary paperwork, including the land title document and any other required documents, and paying the required fees.


Overall, the creation of easements is a complex process that requires careful planning, surveying, and coordination among stakeholders. It is important to work with experienced professionals to ensure that the process is completed successfully and to the highest standards.

As with many other clients, we navigated the complexities on this project and delivered an outstanding result.


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